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Hello There!

I am Matthias – thirty years of age and loving husband and father of a bright and beautiful girl. Five years ago, I found a new home in Berlin, a city that is driven by its culture, creative spirit, and technological innovation.
Three hearts beat in my chest: one for my family, one for my work, and one for photography. To keep them at pace, I am also a compassionate cyclist.
I love to play with technology, I enjoy coding, and I find delight in creating useful and beautiful things. That said, I consider my workplace as a playground.

Fun fact: Before going to sleep on a workday, I do a series of thirty pushups for every cup of coffee I drank throughout the day.

Me at a glance.

In September 2014, I married a wonderful woman.
I am co-writing a book on behavioral modeling.
In my freetime, I love pushing myself on my race bike or at indoor climbing.

A brief historical background.

As I went through school like many, I've been drawn to the world's mechanics – mathematics, physics, ... and computer science.
I figured that I should either become a science teacher or a computer scientist. Back in 2003, I found myself studying software engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute; at which I excelled and have been awarded best of class receiving my master's degree in 2009.

Five years on, I have pursued the technological area of business process management further. As a lecturer I enjoy sharing my knowledge with students. As a researcher, I stay curious and challenge myself with behavioral analytics. In my dissertation, I developed a search engine for process models.

Want to know me better? There you go.

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Hire me I'm available from April 2015

I am a highly motivated graduate and research associate in the field of Business Process Management and IT Systems Engineering with a generic and analytical mindset to approach problems and solve them thoroughly.

I collected practical experience in strategic and operative projects with industry partners and sharpened my skills to convey knowledge and insights as a lecturer and speaker at international conferences.


Due to my active involvement in teaching and student projects, I am well connected with researchers at various groups of the Hasso Plattner Institute for future projects or collaborations.

As of April 2015, I will complete my academic career to pursue new challenges in industry. I seek to fill one of the following positions in the Berlin area.

  • Business Process Management and Organizational Development

    BPM is not a project, it's a unceasing endeavor to continuously adapt and improve the operations of an organization. I would enjoy to contribute to all process management activities as an internal expert.
    Beside profound knowledge in theoretical and technical aspects of BPM, I gained a wealth of insight and experience in operational process management in professional trainings and industry projects.

  • Process Management / IT Project Management

    Business process management is closely coupled with the development of IT infrastructure, where technology supports requirements of business processes but also drives improvements through novel and innovative technology.
    Additional to my BPM expertise, I hold a master's degree in IT Systems Engineering, which equipped me with comprehensive expertise in software design and the management of complex IT projects.

  • Software Product Management / Research and Development — BPM

    The majority of business processes are still carried out manually or locked in vendor specific applications. Process-oriented information systems such as process engines are just on the rise. However, to cope with required flexibility, novel approaches to process enactment are demanded for.
    I have a strong background in behavioral analysis of business processes — the foundation for their execution — and a solid education in the design of complex software systems and the management of development processes.


  • Business Process Analytics

    I have over five years of experience in diverse task of business process analysis and a broad overview of existing technologies for it, including

    • process modeling, e.g., BPMN, EPC, UML, CMMN, DMN,
    • verification of business process, compliance management,
    • process discovery,
    • process maturity assessment, e.g., CMMI, SPICE,
    • business activity monitoring, complex event processing, and process intelligence,
    • process automation using workflow engines.
  • Operative Business Process Management

    I have contributed to a number of industry projects that targeted at different stages of operative management of business processes, for instance,

    • establishing of standards for process modeling,
    • monitoring and analyzing business process performance,
    • configuration of business process for automatic execution

    Additionally, based on experience, professional trainings, and literature study, I am currently compiling a toolbox to support various tasks in process management.

  • Software Development, IT Project Management

    In the course of my studies, I have been educated in methods and technologies for the design of software architectures and processes of software development.
    In several positions, I have contributed as a software developer and am familiar with the majority of state-of-the-art technology for

    • software modeling, e.g., UML, FMC,
    • programming, e.g., in Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript,
    • databases, e.g., SQL, No-SQL databases (CouchDB).
  • Teaching and Training

    In my position as lecturer and researcher, I have acquired excellent personal skills (soft skills).

    • teaching, structured conveying of knowledge and insight
    • guiding teams and workshops
    • speaking at public and large audiences


In addition to my academic degrees, I have acquired the following, particular skills in professional trainings and courses.

  • Operative Business Process Management
    BPM&O, 2014
  • Business Process Modeling and Analysis
    HPI, 2013
  • Design Experience
    HPI School of Design Thinking, 2008

Contact me

If you want to learn more about my professional background, connect with me, or contact me, please follow any of these links or send me a message.

  • Visit my research profile at HPI.
  • Connect with me on Linkedin.
  • Connect with me on Xing.

Curriculum Cornerstones of education and experience

  • Graduation, Dr. rer. nat (magna cum laude)

    October 2013
    HPI, University of Potsdam
    I defended my thesis “Searching business process models by example” and received a doctoral degree in computer science.
    I work as a post-doc researcher at the Hasso Plattner Institute since, and held a lecture on business process compliance in the last winter term.
  • Researcher, Assistant Lecturer

    May 2009 – now
    HPI, University of Potsdam
    In the last five years, I have been a researcher and lecture assistant at the Business Process Technology group of the Hasso Plattner Institute.
    My position as a lecture assistant provided me with an exhaustive knowledge of the topics of business process technologies, modeling of information systems, and business process management. I gained experience in these topics in various projects with industrial and academic partners that I participated in.
    The main emphasize of my research is on the analysis of business process behavior, business process similarity and querying. I developed means for the efficient and effective retrieval of business process models in large repositories. Besides, I covered topics of event processing and business activity monitoring.
  • Research Internship

    April 2008 – October 2008
    SAP Labs, Palo Alto (CA)
    Working in the Advanced Web Technologies group in Palo Alto we dove into encapsulating object-oriented data services in a RESTful interface. As a part of the result, I developed an optimistic transaction protocol for web data services.
  • Master Programme in Software Enginering, Master of Science (M.Sc., 1.0, best of class)

    April 2007 – March 2009
    HPI, University of Potsdam
    Topics of the master's programme address predominantly on the processes of development, distribution, and orchestration of software systems. In addition to specializations in software engineering, students acquire people skills which form a major part of successful project management.
    In my master studies, I chose to put an emphasize on the following topics in software engineering: enterprise architectures, project management, and business process technologies.
  • Exchange term in the master programme

    August 2007 – December 2007
    University of Jyväskylän, Finland
    As part of my master studies, I spent a term as an exchange student in Jyväskylä and experienced a broad variety of cultures – not only the Finnish. My curriculum focused on requirements engineering and service oriented architectures.
  • Development and System Design

    October 2006 – July 2007
    HPI, University of Potsdam; Schenker AG
    In the graduation project of the Bachelor programme at the Hasso Plattner Institute, we – a team of five – developed the system architecture for an innovative logistics management system for the second largest logistics service provider Schenker.
    After graduation, we were asked to further contribute to the project to fuel its realization.
  • Bachelor Programme in Software Enginering, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc., 1.3)

    October 2003 – March 2007
    HPI, University of Potsdam
    The bachelor programme in Software engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute focused on establishing a profound knowledge of formal models for software architectures, design patterns and concepts of programming languages, and software development processes.
    During my studies, I exercised an abundance of programming languages and software technologies for service oriented computing.
  • Student Assistant

    January 2008 – March 2008
    March 2004 – September 2006
    HPI, University of Potsdam
    During my studies, I contributed in several research and software development projects at the Hasso Plattner Institute, joining the chairs for Enterprise Platforms and Integration Concepts, Computer Graphics, and Business Process Technology
  • Civil Service

    September 2002 – June 2003
    Special school, Meißen (Germany)
    As a replacement for the German obligatory military service at the time, I opted for the so-called civil service at a school for mentally handicapped children. My responsibilities laid in the supervision and personal care for children of age 6 to 16.
  • High school, Abitur (1.3)

    July 2002 Franziskaneum, Meißen (Germany) At high school, I chose the natural science profile with an emphasis on physics and mathematics.

Projects BPM research applied in practice

During my time as a researcher at the business process technology group of the Hasso Plattner Institute, I contributed to a number of projects with other scientific institutions and industrial partners. In many cases, these projects show the relevance of scientific results made in our group and their applicability in practice.

  • Green European Transportation

    since 2011 Intl. Consortium

    The GET service platform provides logistics service providers with the means to plan transportation routes more efficiently and to respond quickly to unexpected events.
    The project funded by the European Commission explores innovative ways to combine real-time event processing, business process technologies, and transportation scheduling to reduce pollution and make transportation in Europe more friendly to the environment.

  • BPM Academic Initiative

    since 2009 HPI, Signavio

    Together with the newly founded start-up Signavio, the BPT group and five leading academic institutions in the area of BPM joined forces in the academic initiative, providing a process modeler and teaching material free of charge to students and lecturers, likewise. Since 2011, we offer a growing collection of real business process models for empirical research in academia.

  • Process Intelligence in Health Care

    2011 - 2013 HPI, Jena University Hospital, Signavio

    Healthcare organizations face the challenge to remain efficient with ever increasing complexity and cost-pressure of treatment procedures. In the project, we developed models to correlate treatment data with business process models in order to monitor and analyze treatment processes in realtime. A prototype has been developed that supports these aspects while maintaining high privacy and security standards.

  • Business Process Model Interchange

    2011 - 2012 HPI, Signavio, SAP

    BPMN 2.0 standardizes not only the process meta-model and semantics, but also an exchange format that aims at the integration of models on different levels.
    In a corporate project with development facilities of Signavio and SAP NetWeaver, we investigated the gap between organizational business process models and their technical implementation and execution in a process engine. The report shows that this gap is bridged successfully.

  • Monitoring of Process Interaction

    2011 HPI, German Health Insurance

    In process choreographies, where business processes of different participants interact, monitoring and performance analysis is difficult, as delays may occur by waiting for certain responses.
    To correctly monitor service level agreements of a health insurance company, we developed the foundations to support the monitoring processes interactions, particularly if only few events can be detected. A prototype has been developed validating the theoretical results.

  • Process Automation and Verification

    2010 HPI, IT Service Provider

    Business process models cater the understanding of how organizations carry out their operations. However, they can also assist in controlling these operations, if they are orchestrated by software.
    In a project with a German IT service provider, we developed a methodology and prototype that incorporates data dependencies and a repository of services to configure business processes, ensure their consistency, and run them in a process engine.

  • Process Modeling and Documentation

    2010 HPI, German Health Insurance

    In order to understand, optimize, and unify the operations of an organization, they need to be captured in an unambiguous and consistent representation that is easy to understand – business process models.
    Together with a German health insurance provider, we developed modeling guidelines and best practices to model business processes of a branch of the insurance company, and supported the elicitation of these processes.

  • Oryx — Web-based Model Editor

    2007 - 2009 HPI (University of Potsdam)

    The Oryx modeler emerged from a students' project at the BPT group at HPI in 2006 and has received remarkable attention by both academia and industry. I joined the project as a developer in 2007 and later coordinated development efforts at the HPI. It's success led to the foundation of a spin-off by the original inventors in 2009: the Signavio Process Editor.


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